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At Southern Heritage Fine Furniture, we offer a variety of products for your home furnishing needs. From sofas and chairs to dining and bedroom groups, we have it all! We even carry a great line of accessories such as pictures, lamps and florals to complete your dream home! And for outdoor living, we carry an extensive line of outdoor furniture including Polywood furniture.

How to Recognize Quality Products

With a combined 75 years of experience in home furnishings, our sales team is trained to recognize and recommend the best. Well-made furniture not only looks beautiful... it lasts.

Hallmarks of Quality

Kiln-dried wood

Some of the best furniture is made out of kiln-dried wood. This ensures the strength and durability of the wood. Exterior wood should be a hardwood such as maple, cherry, or oak. 

Dovetail joints

Dovetail joints, tongue and groove joints, and doweling are known to be used in fine furniture. Quality wood furniture has well sanded and smooth surfaces inside and out. The drawers should open smoothly with no sticking or squeaking. 

Eight-way hand tied

Eight-way hand tied sofas are considered the gold standard for its ability to deliver real durability without compromising on aesthetics. This term refers to the way the springs are constructed in upholstered furniture. Springs directly impact the comfort, durability, quality, and general integrity of the furniture.


The level of detailing in each piece we select is just one reason designers and home owners rely on Southern Heritage, year after year, to find their signature pieces. Details do more than speak to the quality of a piece—they make a house a home.


Many of the brands we carry are not only designed in America—they're made in America, by generational furniture makers. Designing and constructing the finest in furniture and accessories is a gift that is passed down through a family, much like the furniture our customers buy.

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